1) Rainbow Waffles

Rainbow Waffle – popsugar.com

These waffles are so bright and fun to make, and they will bring a smile to any kids face and brighten up the morning.

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2) Mini Waffle Sandwich’s

Mini Waffle Sandwich’s – agirlinparadise.com

These cute little sandwiches make for the perfect lunchbox treat for kids!

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3) Chocolate Dipped Eggo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Chocolate Dipped Eggo Ice Cream Sandwiches – ithappensinablink.com

This snack is quick to make and delicious!

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4) Turkey, Ham and Cheese Waffle Club Sandwich

Club sandwich waffle – 12tomatoes.com

A fun recipe both the kids and you will love, a delightful twist on the classic toasted sandwich. You could make some killer waffle sandwich combos if you’re feeling adventurous and up to the challenge!

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5) Fruit Loop Waffles with Milk Glaze

Fruit Loop Waffles – theblondebuckeye.com

A combination of one your childhood favorites cereals and waffles, what more could one want? Putting fruit loop cereal in the waffles then topping it off with a delicious milk glaze, this is a truly a creative masterpiece!

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Show us your fun waffle ideas!

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