There is something about hot and crisp waffles that yearns to be served with oodles of yummy toppings.
Come to think of it, a bit like cake and ice cream, waffles are good enough on their own. In fact, there are plenty of recipes that include flavorings in the batter itself (check The Waffle Wizards recipes). Still, the joys of toppings are a totally different crunch game. An awesome topping can make a perfectly good waffle an absolutely great one by turning it into a concoction with layers of textures and flavors in every satisfying bite, every chewy mouthful.
So what do you top your waffles with? We bring you a roundup of 10 absolutely delicious and hugely popular waffle toppings. Read, drool and try them all.

Sweet ideas
Butter and maple syrup
A divine duo that makes an awesome threesome with hot crisp waffles. A sprinkling of toasted nuts is the perfect finishing touch for that hint of nutty crunch. Please note, many people love a slathering of peanut butter even more than the dairy butter atop their waffle. We say, it’s your fantasy, your right of choice!

Ice cream
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream on waffles. Cold, sweet and melt-in-the-mouth ice cream with hot and crispy waffles, now that’s a match made in the culinary heavens.

Berry coulis and whipped cream
Tanginess of berries, soft swirly sweetness of whipped cream and hot crispiness of waffles, that’s a totally irresistible medley of flavors.

Yes, the plain basic jam can reach gourmet heights when combined with waffles. Just microwave to thin out a helping on jam and pour it with love onto your waffle. A bit of sour cream or crème fraiche will work extra wonders.

Chocolate sauce
Chocolate, the world’s favorite mood lifter raises waffles also to another level. Just slather your waffle with oodles of chocolate sauce (top with slivers of roasted nuts, if you like) and have a sinful binge.

You can take your waffle with a pinch of salt as well. Yes, sweet somethings may be very popular but savory toppings have their own faithful band of followers too. Actually there are tonnes of toppings that can make your waffle a terrific savoury treat. Here are some ideas:

Savory ideas

Egg, bacon and cheese
Try your waffle with gratings of your favorite flavorsome cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, gouda, gruyere, or any other that catches your fancy), crisp bacon strips and a nicely poached egg sunny side up. A sprinkle of salt and pepper will add a finishing touch.

Bacon and mayonnaise
Crisp bacon and creamy mayo, that’s a great breakfast waffle topping. A hint of ranch dressing can add the fourth dimension to an already great taste. Tip: Add sausages and you can make great waffle sandwiches too.

Smoked salmon
A fabulous fishy topping. Add some crème fraiche and chopped chives and be ready for explosions of flavors.

Spinach and mushrooms
A healthy veggie take that’s perfect for breakfast. Wok wilted baby spinach leaves, sautéed mushrooms and a spoonful of white sauce sprinkled with the spice blend of your choice, and you have a complete meal!

Chicken and cheese
Ladle shredded poached chicken cooked in thickened broth onto your waffle and grate cheese on top for a wholesome meal.

Do remember, creativity is the password to the waffle topping domain. You can try these toppings on your next batch of waffles. You can also create your own variations and adaptations of these ten toppings. Bon appétit! Happy munching!
We would love to know, what’s your favorite topping?

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