The Waffle is such an amazing and diverse food, with so many variations existing not only in flavors but in types of waffles. Today we’ll have a quick look at the different delectable waffles that exist around the world!


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The Bubble Waffle – also known as the Egg Waffle (or Gai Daan Jai in Cantonese.)

Bubble Waffle

The Bubble Waffle originates in Hong Kong and is an extremely popular street food. The waffle irons used contain half spheres as opposed to the traditional deep square cuts, which give it the characteristic ‘bubble’ look.

These are also known as egg waffles due to the batter being quite eggy which gives the waffles their characteristic color and texture. These waffles are traditionally eaten plain, though some vendors include toppings such as fresh fruit or chocolate – Other vendors are more adventurous with their flavors and produce green tea, ginger or coconut waffles. Bubble waffle texture can be described as crisp on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside.



American Style Waffles

American Waffle

American style waffles were originally inspired by Belgium Waffles (or more specifically the Brussels waffle) however with this inspiration, Americans made the waffles their own. These waffles have the best of both worlds – the light, airy yet crispy waffles with deep cuts combined with creative, delicious and unique toppings.

Although there are some traditional waffle flavours such as chicken and waffles, or waffles with maple syrup and icecream, many waffle artists invent beautiful flavour combinations, modifying both the waffle batter and the toppings. Coming up with creative waffle toppings began when waffles first arrived in American in the late 1700’s. Waffle frolics became popular amongst the more wealthy, these were parties where waffles were served with various sweet and savoury toppings. Naturally after a couple of hundred years of evolution, toppings are crazy and countless.



German Waffles – Also known as Sandwaffeln

German Waffle

Sandwaffeln are a crispier, thinner, more biscuity version of our beloved waffles. Many waffle cookie or “wookie” recipes were most likely inspired by this style of waffle. Unlike most waffles around the world, the Germans rarely put toppings on their waffles, preferring to enjoy them with a slight sprinkling of powdered sugar or fruit toppings such as freshly squeezed lemon, apple sauce, jam or berries. The batter for Sandwaffeln consists of butter creamed with sugar, mixed with plain flour, baking soda and eggs. The Germans traditionally enjoy these treats during “Kaffeeklatsch” which is coffee and cake time.



Pandan Waffles – also known as Vietnamese Waffles

Pandan Waffles

We made this Pandan waffle pictured 👆 check out the recipe here  🍽

Pandan Waffles are Vietnam’s take on the waffle. These waffles are commonly cooked as a street food, where vendors use cast iron waffle irons over hot coals to cook this delicious snack. Pandan waffles are unique to others in the ingredients that are used to flavor the waffle.The extract of Pandan leaves is used to give these waffles their green coloring and a fragrant nutty flavor, additionally coconut milk or cream is used to further enrich the waffle batter. These waffles are intended to be eaten plainly, the main reason for this being syrup isn’t readily available to the Vietnamese people.



The Danish Stroopwafel

Danish Waffle

Stroopwafel are a very delicious and unique waffle variation originating in the Netherlands. These waffles are cooked to be extremely thin and crisp, and while they are cooling, a cinnamon caramel syrup is then sandwiched between two waffles. As this cools the end product is a waffle biscuit with a chewy caramel filling. These waffles, although thin, contain yeast in the batter which gives them a richer more complex flavour. Stroopwafel’s are not only a popular snack in the Netherlands as they are now quite readily available internationally in better grocery stores.



Italian Pizzelle’s

Italian Pizelle's

Pizelle’s are a traditional Italian treat and can come in many shapes and flavors. The biscuits can be served plainly or flavored with aniseed, vanilla or lemon. The texture of the biscuits varies from extremely light and crisp, to slightly chewy depending on the cooking duration and ingredients used.

When the pizelle’s are still hot, they can be curled into a horn like shape and filled with flavored creams to increase the deliciousness of this Italian treat. Pizelle’s are commonly feasted on in times of celebration such as Easter, Christmas or weddings.



Belgian Liege Waffles

Leige Waffle

When we think of Belgian waffles we automatically think of the crisp outside and airy interior of the waffles we’ve grown to love and adore. However, the most popular waffles to be found in Belgium are known as the Liege waffle. This waffle is similar to a brioche and has a rich, deep flavor due to it being yeasted and maturing overnight. The outside of liege waffles is still crispy, yet scattered with burnt caramelized sugar as pearl sugar is kneaded through the dough before cooking – the inside is chewy and moreish. Liege waffles are a popular street food in Belgium and are served without any toppings as they don’t need any!



Sooo that concludes oursummary detailing some of the unique and satisfying waffles that are found around the world today. We hope you enjoyed learning something new and are inspired to try these waffles at some point in your own eating. We’ll make sure we try and capture some of these amazing flavors in our recipes and share them with you


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