When it comes to delicious breakfast foods, there has been a rivalry that has stood the test of time and today it will be settled once and for all. The argument being – Waffles or Pancakes? What’s better? Most of us will admit they wouldn’t really care if the scent of either of these treats filled our nostrils on a Sunday morning but for the foodie in us all, you’ll soon see why waffles reign supreme. Today’s article will briefly compare these two delightful foods, exploring some characteristic traits such as texture and versatility to establish a clear winner.


The texture experienced when eating a food is an integral part of the culinary experience, and waffles tantalize our textural taste buds in multiple ways. Due to the unique cooking method of waffles (extremely hot irons on both sides) the result is an extremely thick delicious crust that is crisp to the bite. This crust in itself is enough to satisfy most people already.. but wait there’s more! The interior of the waffle is full of trapped air, whether this is from baking soda, yeast or egg whites, the rising agents interaction with extreme heat results in a deliciously light and fluffy batter. The contrast between this crispiness and airiness tends to exaggerate these textures to the extreme, resulting in an unforgettable eating experience.
When we think of the texture of pancakes, what comes to mind? Generally speaking, people will mention the light and fluffy interior. And depending on the type of pancake, that may not even be the case. Some pancakes are light thin and crisp, some are thick and fluffy but disappointingly, we never see pancakes exhibiting both of these delicious traits.
Waffles 1 – Pancakes 0


If it weren’t for toppings, pancakes and waffles would never be as popular as they are today. The sweet but relatively neutral flavour of classic waffle and pancake batters is complimented by such a large variety of flavours that there’s always a topping to satisfy everyone. If both pancakes and waffles can be paired with any topping of our choice, how could one be superior to the other? The answer lies in the unique shape of waffles. The deep square honey comb like pattern in waffles not only looks amazing, it acts as traps that capture toppings, allowing more of whatever you love to make it into your mouth. So in saying that, waffles take the win for this category.
Waffles 2 – Pancakes 0


If you’ve looked at the recipes on our website, Instagram and Facebook you’ll realise waffles are extremely versatile. Whether it’s modifying the batter or toppings, there’s almost an infinite combination of waffles that can be created which is only limited by our imagination. Truth be told, this also holds true for pancakes. Around the world so many pancake variations exist. From delicious nutella filled crepes in France, to cabbage filled okonomiyaki in Japan, almost every culture has their own rendition of pancakes. If we are really being honest, pancakes do take the cake (excuse that terrible pun) in the versatility category. Why? Because everybody has frying pans – waffle irons are a little more uncommon and this leaves the creative door open to more people to come up with some awesome pancake recipes.
Waffles 2 – Pancakes 1


So for those of us who own a waffle maker, you know what’s up. It doesn’t require an ounce of skill or finesse to produce flawless classical waffles time and time again. (Some of our fancier waffle recipes require a little more skill!) Pancakes on the other hand.. Getting the temperature of the pan and oil right, mixing the lumps out of the batter as well as flipping the pancakes themselves can be well.. annoying. There’s nothing more reassuring than closing the lid of a waffle maker knowing in several minutes there’ll be a batch of perfectly crisp, airy waffles ready to satisfy the family. So it seems waffles takes the cake for the cooking category!
Waffles 3 – Pancakes 1
So from what you can see in these logical comparisons, waffles do out edge pancakes three votes to one. Both of these breakfast foods are enjoyed around the world, however the complex shape and textural characteristics of waffles put them at the top of the breakfast food chain.

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